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ClubWorks brings a fresh, professional approach to the golf industry in India. We offer all the services to the top of the line pro shops in the US offer with a smile! A beginner new to the game of golf will get the same treatment as a PGA, PGTI or Asian Tour players AND benefits just as much. 

            CLUB FITTING


Club fitting is a science and an art. Using the only Trackman 4 system available to the general public in India, we are able to understand detail ball, club and swing metrics. That's the science part! The art is then finding the ideal combination of shaft length, head design, shaft weight, swing weight and grip size (among 21 other factors) that best satisfy your goals -- that's the art!

We also do extensive putter, wedge, and ball fittings too! Spending the most money on the most expensive ball, club or shaft isn't the answer. Finding equipment that meets your swing dynamics and fitness level is the key.

With access to an incredible database of shaft EI profiles, we can even match shaft  signature profiles for you!

            CLUB REPAIR


With a fully fitted workshop,  we can handle any repair that your clubs require. This includes broken steel or graphite shafts, regripping with the best, longest lasting grips, adjusting and fine tuning swing weights, and removing scratches/scrapes!


We also can assess and address loft and lie issues with all of your irons and putters. We use the same equipment found on PGA, European and Asian Tours and even calibrate them with our our Tour Players equipment. 


Also offered is face angle adjustments to hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers with non-adjustable hosels.



The PGA and European Tour standard for ball flight monitoring. No other system compares! Trackman is not only a great teaching tool but it's also a super practise, training and fitting tool!  Come see what all the fuss is about and see how your swing matches up to the Pro's!

Trackman 4 is now available! With an even more precise measurement system you will be able pinpoint your problem areas -- equipment or swing or both. No guessing!

Capto Putter Fitting

The best tool for assessing and fitting putters. Used by the world top putting coaches and players. Works both indoors and outdoors. 

No other system compares!


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